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Prince Robot IV in action!Costume by ContagiousVideo Footage by Distractotron


Prince Robot IV in action!

Costume by Contagious
Video Footage by Distractotron

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Some days, some nightsSome live, some dieIn the way of the samurai
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Some days, some nights
Some live, some die
In the way of the samurai

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Did you say clouds and sunsets?

oh my god

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I traveled for one month around California and I swear I saw the most breathtaking landscapes. It was a great experience to explore new places, to try the local food and to meet new people. I got lucky enough to grab a few stills and I’m still working on a video.

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Our Prince Robot IV costume premiered at Heroescon on Sunday.  I’m pretty proud of it!

Huge thanks to Blake at Distractotron for the shots!

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